Early Autism Intervention in Albuquerque

Early Autism Intervention in Albuquerque

Early Interventions

At Camino, we understand parents’ and caregivers’ challenges when choosing suitable options for their young child’s development and the need for early autism intervention in Albuquerque  That’s why we created a locally-based ABA services program for young children.

What is Early Intervention ABA?

Early intervention ABA therapies focus on children 18 months to 5 years old. We ensure these younger children remain within their age groups to better facilitate progress. Our primary goal through our early intervention program is to prepare and transition children into the first grade.

What are the Benefits of Early Intervention ABA?

From our experience, children receiving early intervention ABA therapies develop the necessary skills to transition into grade school smoothly. This means they need less specialized treatments when they’re older, such as needing to transition into social skills groups.


By offering tailored therapies at younger ages when children’s minds are primed for learning, they gain and absorb developmental skills early enough to better function in the world around them.

Early Autism Intervention in Albuquerque
Early Autism Intervention in Albuquerque
Early Autism Intervention in Albuquerque

Speech Therapy

Children learn to talk and communicate at these younger ages, and we focus on these skills to help them prepare for their successful futures.

Camino partners with We Need to Talk More! LLC to address your child’s specific challenges with communication. Their certified autism speech-language pathologists (SLP) assess your child’s needs and develop tailored therapy plans to help your child develop necessary communication skills.

Since every child’s needs and challenges are different, speech therapy plans can help your child develop communication skills in a variety of ways:

By focusing on communication skills through our early intervention ABA programs, we help your child become better equipped to communicate with future friends, teachers, and schoolmates.

Occupational Therapy

Another facet of our early intervention programs includes focusing on occupational therapy. Occupational therapy helps your child in the following developmental areas:

To ensure we deliver the best occupational therapy services, we partner with locally-owned Function Playground Therapies. Their nationally certified and licensed autism occupational therapists (OT) provide therapies emphasizing play skills, learning strategies, and self-care.

Your child learns how to groom and eat by themselves while developing fine motor skills such as writing, coloring, and using scissors. Learning these skills prepares your child for a successful transition into grade school.

Why should I choose Camino’s ABA program?

Many services and clinicians offer ABA therapy programs, but few are in New Mexico. By providing these services locally, we are readily available and more hands-on with your child’s care and development.

We employ more ABA therapists, board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA), and other autism-certified and licensed professionals than other facilities. This ensures your child receives the thorough care, immediate attention, and personalized treatment they need.

We also provide trauma-informed, compassionate care. This means our entire staff focuses on implementing care and treatment that avoids creating unnecessary trauma and stress during your child’s therapies.

Contact us today to learn more about our Albuquerque early autism intervention program.

Early Autism Intervention in Albuquerque
Early Autism Intervention in Albuquerque

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