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About Applied Behavior Analysis

About Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists

Camino started with the goal of ensuring access to applied behavior analysis therapists for all New Mexicans. This includes Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy and access to telehealth autism care.

We’re committed to the progress of every individual with autism we serve, and we strive to ensure each can access the services they need. With individual autism testing and an applied behavior analysis treatment plan, we help each child address their particular challenges and progress at their own pace.

We’re driven by our passion for helping children with autism reach their full potential, and we care deeply about the families we serve. Our collaborative approach to helping each child progress toward their social and behavioral goals ensures that families and communities continue to play an integral role.

About Applied Behavior Analysis

About Autism

Autism is not a single, easily described disorder. The characteristics and challenges your child faces are as unique as they are. That is why at Camino we believe comprehensive and individualized treatment is critical to your child’s success.

Three main areas of development are considered when diagnosing autism:


  • Difficulties with communication
  • Difficulties with social skills
  • Presence of behavioral issues associated with a lack of social understanding, as well as repetitive, disruptive, and sometimes self-injurious behavior patterns


Early diagnosis and intervention for very young children with autism have shown to result in significant improvement in IQ, language ability, and social interaction.

About Applied Behavior Analysis

Parent Skills Training

As part of a more comprehensive ABA program, BCBAs provide monthly parenting skills training to family members and caregivers to generalize skills. Goals are individualized and prioritized based on each family’s expressed preferences and clinically determined needs. Parent training involves instructions and hands-on training in behavioral strategies that can be implemented at home and within the community.

Choosing Camino for Applied Behavior Analysis - ABA Therapy

We want your children to thrive, and we proudly provide access to needed treatment for un-serviced communities through autism therapy and telehealth therapist services. Camino is a small, New Mexico-based organization committed to providing families with unmatched quality care, including direct access to your child’s BCBA.

We know that one of the challenges many families face when seeking treatment or finding an ABA therapist is figuring out how to pay for it. Our services are free with most insurance, and we’re always happy to help you determine if you’re eligible.

We want you and your family to lead happy and fulfilling lives, and that starts with providing the care your child needs to thrive. At Camino, our qualified and passionate team of ABA therapists and autism professionals are committed to helping your child grow and succeed.

If you’re interested in learning what center-based autism services can do for your child and your family, contact the qualified and caring team at Camino Behavioral Health Services today at 505-302-5383. Our applied behavior analysis therapists are always happy to answer your questions about ABA in Albuquerque, New Mexico to help you determine if our program is right for your child.

About Applied Behavior Analysis
About Applied Behavior Analysis

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