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Our certified ABA therapy programs in Albuquerque are run by a multi-faceted group of professionals with Registered Behavior Technicians, ABA therapists, and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) as part of the team.

Typically, BCBAs oversee the entire program. These individuals have acquired a state license to practice, passed the national certification exam, and earned a master’s degree or doctorate in behavioral analysis or psychology.

Registered behavior technicians and board-certified behavior technicians work with patients under the supervision of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). They are responsible for working with patients directly in order to help them meet their treatment goals through practiced skills and providing services within ABA programs.

What is the role of a BCBA?


A BCBA spends extensive time working with each patient, oversees all treatment, and supervises anyone who is working with the patient to ensure they are receiving appropriate care. Our BCBAs implement teaching strategies and verify that the strategies are being put into practice correctly. Registered behavior technicians and assistant behavior analysts also work with clients and help with their treatment. A BCBA is always aware of what’s going on with the patient and the other analysts and assistants.


A large part of a child or patient’s treatment is constant communication, whether it’s communicating with parents, communicating with other members of the behavior analysis team, speaking with a school, or interacting with other medical professionals. Our BCBA will monitor a child on a clinic visit. There is regular communication regarding a patient’s progress and/or special needs. Our BCBAs are always aware of what is going on with each patient in order to best serve their needs.

Individual Treatment

Every child has a unique personality and approaches how they see the world differently. BCBAs are trained to teach children functional behaviors that are used to replace more problematic behaviors. The ultimate goal is that a child with autism would be able to adapt to school and home environments more appropriately and comfortably. After individual autism testing with the patient and communication with the patient’s family, the BCBA develops an individual treatment based on the client’s specific needs and learning ability.

Training Programs

Although BCBAs spend a lot of time with children, another important part of a BCBA’s job is working with the parents to help them understand the training and how it fits into the child’s individual needs. They spend time with the parents, showing them the child’s strengths and weaknesses for when the child is at home or away from the treatment center.


What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline that focuses on analyzing, designing, and implementing meaningful changes in behavior. ABA uses direct observation, measurement, and functional assessments to determine the environmental variables affecting one’s behavior.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) utilize the principles and procedures of ABA therapy to create carefully constructed, individualized treatment plans that produce practical and significant change.

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