Autism Symptoms Treatment

Autism Symptoms Treatment

Autism Symptoms Treatment Plans in Albuquerque

At Camino Behavioral Health Services, we’re proud to provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment options designed with customized care in mind.

Our ABA treatment services cater to both children and teens with autism alike. Our certified staff is committed to creating an ABA treatment plan that results in meaningful behavior changes over time.

Autism Symptoms Treatment Services Through Camino Behavioral Health

At Camino Behavioral Health, the ABA treatment techniques we put in place are personalized to the children we serve. Our team is proud to offer early intervention and telehealth therapy services for children with autism.

Each ABA treatment plan we put in place is developed to ensure that the children we serve have the skills they need to thrive. ABA symptoms treatment services help our patients to improve in the areas of:

Autism Symptoms Treatment

The ABA techniques we use include fully individualized treatment plans. These plans build on each child’s current skills and aim to maximize the acquisition of new skills, too. ABA treatment always aims to reduce challenging behaviors throughout this process.

Above all, we make sure that our ABA therapy programs are both fun and engaging for the individuals that we serve. This allows children to find joy in the process and become lifelong learners.

Instruction is tailored to the development-appropriate level of early learners. Our customized programs use the learning materials, toys, and activities that children prefer.

ABA therapy is designed to target the core characteristics of the autism spectrum symptoms. Interventions focus on social and daily living skills, play, and communication.

At Camino Behavioral Health Services, our programs can be crafted to meet the needs of kids at any stage of life. Our center-based ABA services offer a structured learning environment. Here, children can work on important life skills and adjust to a routine that will be used in a school setting, too.

Types of Teaching Techniques Used in ABA for Children with Autism Symptoms

Autism presents in a variety of ways in children and teens. This makes treatment variety vital.

At Camino Behavioral Health Services, we offer a diverse selection of evidence based teaching techniques for patients. These fall under our overarching umbrella of ABA therapy for children with autism.

Autism Symptoms Treatment

Discrete Trial Training

Discrete Trial Training is a teaching method that revolves around concrete instruction and positive behavior reinforcement. It’s an approach that works well within autism spectrum disorder because it is succinct. Within Discrete Trial Training, students are taught a four-step process of behavior response. This includes:

Breaking behaviors down into smaller steps makes them manageable. It also makes them less overwhelming for children and teens who are living with autism.

Pivotal Response Training

In some cases, pairing teaching techniques is the best way to help those with autism to improve in a wide range of skills. Pivotal Response Training is a good example of how traditional child development teaching can be paired with ABA therapy.

In Pivotal Response Training, instructors lean on standard teaching methods and ABA services. This helps children improve in a diverse range of areas. These may include:

This type of intervention provides a lot of customization and flexibility.

Autism Symptoms Treatment

Functional Communication Training

A core feature of ABA therapy is differential reinforcement. Functional Communication Training falls into this category. This instructional approach works to demonstrate alternative responses to situations that may provoke unwanted behaviors. Functional Communication Training utilizes positive reinforcement each time a suitable response is used. Eventually, that reinforcement can be removed.

Errorless Teaching

Within the parameters of Errorless Teaching, children are offered an opportunity to always have a correct answer. This is achieved when the instructor gives a direction and follows it up with a specific prompt. The prompt encourages the correct answer or behavior. Over time, the prompt can be slowly removed, promoting independence in learners with autism symptoms.

Autism Symptoms Treatment

Time-Delay Prompting

Self-correction is a learned skill within ABA therapy that’s often increased through Time-Delay Prompting. Over time, prompts designed to encourage alternative behaviors following instruction are delayed.

Increased delays in prompts give children with autism symptoms an opportunity to land on a correct response independently. Eventually, the prompt can be removed altogether.

Verbal Behavior Approach

Services for children and teens with autism that focus on communication are broken down into more specific and manageable units within the Verbal Behavior Approach. This technique separates language into skill sets that include:

Mastering each of these more specific skills will enhance a child’s communication abilities and understanding of conversation over time.

Autism Symptoms Treatment

Choose Camino Behavioral Health Services for Autism Symptoms Treatment

Quality care is always a priority when you choose Camino Behavioral Health Services for your child’s autism symptoms treatment needs. We provide children with the skills they need to live happy and fulfilled lives.

We work closely with the vast majority of insurance companies, making services affordable, and in some cases, free to those we partner with. Families enjoy direct access to their child’s certified Behavior Analyst from day one, which provides a more intimate experience.

Autism Symptoms Treatment

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Autism Symptoms Treatment

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