Autism Specialists Albuquerque

Autism Specialists Albuquerque

Why To Choose Our Compassionate Autism Specialists in Albuquerque

Our autism specialists at Camino Behavioral Health started with the goal of ensuring access to ABA therapists for all New Mexicans. We’re driven by our passion for helping children with autism reach their full potential and care deeply about the families we serve. We understand that autism is not a single, easily described disorder. At Camino, we believe comprehensive and individualized treatment is critical to your child’s success.

What does an autism specialist do?

Autism specialists provide testing, treatment, and appropriate care for children and teens with autism. Our ABA therapy programs are run by a multi-faceted group of professionals, including Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs), specializing in autism spectrum testing, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We want you and your family to lead happy, fulfilling lives, and that starts with providing the quality care your child needs to thrive. At Camino, our passionate team of autism specialists is committed to helping your child succeed.

What is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst?

A BCBA spends time working with their patients, overseeing treatment, and supervising anyone working with the patients to ensure they receive appropriate care. A large part of a patient’s treatment is constant communication. BCBAs communicate with a child’s school, parents, other members of the ABA therapy team, or other medical professionals. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) utilize the principles and procedures of ABA therapy to create individualized treatment plans that produce practical, significant change. 

What is autism spectrum disorder?

The term autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a developmental disability that manifests differently from person to person. Individuals with ASD often have difficulties with social interaction and communication and may exhibit different ways of learning and moving. Autism spectrum therapists specialize in improving these areas of development. They offer specialized therapies aimed at improving social skills and facilitating positive behavioral development. Improving the lives of individuals with ASD and their families is made easier by these professionals.

What is autism spectrum testing?

Using measurement, observation, and functional assessments, we are able to determine the variables affecting a child’s behavior. This allows our BCBAs to create personalized plans designed to improve key areas like socialization, language, communication, independent living skills, and more.

Camino provides personalized therapy programs and autism testing for children and teens with autism. We are a New Mexico-based provider that believes successful outcomes become possible when science and compassion meet.

What is autism occupational therapy?

Autism occupational therapy (OT) helps children with autism work on their cognitive, social, physical, and motor skills. For children with autism, occupational therapy programs focus on play skills, self-care, and learning strategies. Autism occupational therapy sessions are typically between thirty minutes to one hour. The number of sessions each week is based on an individual’s ABA therapy plan. 

Autism occupational therapy can also help to manage sensory issues! Some occupational therapists are trained to specifically address swallowing or feeding challenges.

What is autism speech therapy?

Autism speech therapy addresses challenges with communication and language. Common goals include the following: 


  • Improving spoken language
  • Learning nonverbal skills (e.g., gestures)
  • Learning to communicate with pictures and technology (AAC)

An autism speech-language pathologist can help identify which method (if any) is right for a person with autism.

ABA Therapy at Camino Behavioral Health

We’re happy to answer your questions about ABA and help determine if our program is right for your child. If you’re interested in learning what our autism specialists can do for your child and your family, contact the caring, qualified team at Camino Behavioral Health Services today at 505-302-5383 or online.

Autism Specialists Albuquerque

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Autism Specialists Albuquerque

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