About Autism

About Autism

Autism is not a single, easily described disorder. The characteristics and challenges your child faces are as unique as they are. That is why at Camino we believe comprehensive and individualized treatment is critical to your child’s success.

Three main areas of development are considered when diagnosing autism:

“Early diagnosis and intervention for very young children with autism has shown to result in significant improvement in IQ, language ability, and social interaction.”

Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Spectrum Therapy

Camino started with the goal of ensuring access to needed autism spectrum therapy for all New Mexicans. This includes center-based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy and access to telehealth autism spectrum therapists.

We’re committed to the progress of every individual with autism we serve, and we strive to ensure each can access the services they need. With an individual assessment and behavior treatment plan, our autism specialists help each child address their particular challenges and progress at their own pace.

At Camino, we’re driven by our passion for helping children with autism reach their full potential, and we care deeply about the families we serve. Our collaborative approach to helping each child progress toward their social and behavioral goals ensures that families and communities continue to play an integral role.

Comprehensive ABA Treatment for ASD

Camino provides personalized ABA therapy for children and teens with autism (ASD). We are a New Mexico-based ABA provider that believes that successful outcomes become possible when science and compassion meet. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline that focuses on analyzing, designing, and implementing meaningful changes in behavior, under the direction and supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Using direct observation, measurement, and functional assessments, our autism specialists are able to determine the environmental variables affecting each child’s behavior. This allows us to create personalized plans designed to improve key areas like language and communication, socialization, independent living skills, and more. Depending on each child’s unique goals, treatment may focus on language development, motor skills, play, perceptual skills, pre-academic skills, daily living skills, and reducing behaviors that pose challenges.

Practically speaking, our program begins with a comprehensive assessment to test your child’s skill level across several categories. This allows us to develop a personalized treatment plan to address your child’s needs. Next, we schedule an appointment with an ASD therapist and/or telehealth ABA therapist.

Our services include 10-40 hours of direct ABA performed by a registered behavioral technician under the supervision of a BCBA. We also offer early intervention ABA services for children at risk of developing ASD, and we’re happy to connect families with diagnosticians in their area.

Every child is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why the qualified team at Camino creates a customized plan for treatment that fits the needs of your child and your family. We’ll build on your child’s current skills, as well as focus on maximizing the acquisition of new skills, all while utilizing proven techniques to reduce challenging behaviors. If you’re seeking a treatment program that’s not only highly effective but also fun and engaging for your child, Camino offers personalized care that empowers your child to become a lifelong learner.

Effective January 1st, 2022 there will be no copayments charged for any Behavioral Health services.

ABA Services are always free for Medicaid members.

Our Autism Treatment Model

At Camino, there are three main components to our service: assessment, treatment and parent training. This comprehensive program is designed to provide the best opportunities for your child to thrive.

Our process begins with an assessment by a BCBA, specializing in ASD, ABA, and autism care, to learn about your child’s unique talents and specific challenges. We also interview the family as a whole, so we can better understand your situation and your goals. From there, our qualified team will create a personalized program designed to help your child build a foundation of essential skills that help lead them to live independent lives at their full potential.

The next step is to implement your personalized plan, which may include telehealth therapy, utilizing the principles of ABA. We tailor lessons to your child’s particular needs and we help you to work those lessons into your daily life in ways that are not only convenient, but that reinforce and build on successes.

Treatment facilitates family involvement in the process. If you feel that your child has the prerequisite skills to progress without face-to-face interactions, we’re happy to offer remote services, as well. This also allows for observation of behaviors and activities that happen most often in the home, so that challenges can be more easily addressed.

The final component of our program is parent training, and this is extremely important in ABA practice. Parents play a crucial role in promoting and reinforcing positive changes in their children’s behavior, but that doesn’t mean you have the knowledge and skill to provide the best support for your child.

Parent training through our ABA autism care program helps to prepare you for difficult situations and better equips you for behavior intervention. Parent training is also a key component of generalization. With proper training, you can help to nurture skills that your child needs to function in all environments. Our BCBAs offer remote training and consultation for your convenience.

When You Need an Autism Spectrum Therapist

Camino is a small, New Mexico-based organization with autism spectrum therapists committed to providing families with unmatched quality care, including direct access to your child’s BCBA. Autism can pose challenges that no parent should have to face alone. Like you, we want your children to thrive, and we proudly provide access to needed treatment for un-serviced communities through ABA therapy and autism therapist services via telehealth.

We know that one of the challenges many families face when seeking treatment is figuring out how to pay for it. Our services are free with most insurance, and we’re always happy to help you determine if you’re eligible.

We want you and your family to lead happy and fulfilling lives, and that starts with providing the care your child needs to thrive. At Camino, our qualified and passionate team of professionals and autism specialists are committed to helping your child grow and succeed.

If you’re interested in learning what center-based autism spectrum services can do for your child and your family, contact the qualified and caring team at Camino Behavioral Health Services today at 505-302-5383 or online. Our autism spectrum therapists in Albuquerque are always happy to answer your questions about ABA therapy and help you determine if our program is right for your child.

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