Center-Based Services

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Center-Based Services

Center-Based ASD Specialists

At Camino Behavioral Health Services, our ASD specialists are committed to providing personalized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism. We’ve developed center-based ABA therapy programs that ensure every child has the skills needed to thrive in school and in life through intensive full-day treatment in Albuquerque

Center-Based ASD Services are one-to-one applied behavior analysis (ABA) sessions for children and adolescents that take place at a Camino center rather than in the home environment. Board-certified behavior technicians work one-to-one with patients under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

ABA ASD Services in Albuquerque

At Camino, we focus on skills that enhance children’s social interactions, independent living capabilities, and cognitive planning. Our center-based ABA services include one-on-one work that helps children to feel confident in play, refine fine and gross motor skills, and emphasize language and communication abilities.

Center-based ABA therapy is led by highly trained on-site staff who understand what it takes to implement individualized treatment plans. Our professional team works to build a child’s current skill set while simultaneously maximizing the acquisition of new skills that result in a reduction of challenging behaviors.

Our center-based ABA therapy programs are designed to be engaging and fun. While every individualized treatment plan is unique, we function on a platform of helping children to become lifelong learners.

Children benefiting from our ABA services enjoy learning in a structured environment that helps with transitions into routine-based situations outside of our center. This is particularly useful for children that will be heading into school systems for the first time, a place where daily expectations and schedules are already in place.

During center-based therapy, our skilled staff takes time to carefully target the core characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Oftentimes, this happens through interventions that focus specifically on social interactions, daily living skills, play, and enhanced communication.

ASD therapy is frequently tailored to include instruction that focuses on early learner development. Staff will often include learning tools such as materials, activities, and toys that are preferred by both the child receiving therapy and their family.

Beyond our center-based autism services and ABA therapies, we’re proud to be able to offer a variety of supplemental programs. These include early intervention and telehealth therapy for children with ASD.

The Goal of Center-Based ASD Therapy

Center-based ASD services promote a model of consistency that many children require to be able to grow their developmental skill sets. Areas of focused growth range from play skills and communication to adaptive skills and social interaction.

ASD specialists are trained and behavior centers are designed to teach children functional behaviors that are used to replace more problematic behaviors. The ultimate goal is that a child with ASD would be able to adapt to school and home environments more appropriately and comfortably.

While our services focus on social integration, they’re also designed to help children learn complex leisure skills. These adaptations allow children with autism to enjoy independent play and gain personal independence, too.

Academic and vocational skills are accounted for within center-based ASD therapy and are often paired with a focus on a child’s ability to learn in a less restrictive environment. An ASD specialist’s goal is that a child with autism will be able to successfully and efficiently transition back into their school or community environment with greater ease.

Center-Based Services
Center-Based Services

The Many Advantages of Center-Based Autism Therapy for Children

The advantages of center-based autism therapy for children are vast. These services provide a child with autism with structured access to peers that both create opportunities for positive social interaction and provide a reference point for imitation of appropriate behaviors.

A setting of this type is ideal for learning new skills in a setting that is less familiar for children than in their own homes. This allows their comfort zone to shift but still allows them to feel safe. It also provides access to a variety of positive reinforcements and the option to practice moving between one-to-one learning and group learning environments.

Autism therapy centers are places where a team of professionals can work in tandem for the greater good of the children being served. There are enhanced consultation opportunities across multiple Board-certified Behavior Analysts right on-site. This allows a team of clinicians to observe program participants together, consult on programs, discuss options, and evaluate solutions with more ease.

Children with autism who receive center-based services have a unique opportunity to practice important life skills like following routines and schedules before they put them into practice in schools and in their communities. Learning in this environment also allows for changes and adjustments to be made in real-time as observations are made right on-site.

Compared to in-home services, ASD treatment centers can minimize staff transitions that can be difficult for children to handle. Children who regularly attend sessions on-site will quickly become familiar with the staff, creating a sense of understanding and comfort that leads to growth.

Center-based services provide comprehensive services that take a child’s unique strengths, personality, and challenges into account. Families of children who receive services enjoy peace of mind knowing that there is a team of professionals working together to support their child at all times.

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Personalized therapy options and comprehensive services define our mission at Camino Behavioral Health. Our professional staff is committed to finding customized solutions that help children with ASD thrive in a complex world.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to discuss our services and how they may be beneficial to your child. Reach out to us today if you have questions regarding any of our ASD treatment centers and ASD specialists in Albuquerque. (505) 302-5383

Center-Based Services
Center-Based Services

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